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Canvas copies of this painting are available by request.

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Canvas copies of this painting are available by request.

About the Artist

My name is Bruce Durst.  In real life, I made a living in the oil industry but for over two decades I would work at night once a week in the studio of Efim Frumin, a distinguished Russian refugee Artist who was trained in classical art the St. Petersburg Art Academy in the Soviet Union. I learned by copying the old masters.  I thoroughly enjoy capturing a likeness and a tender moment.  Let me paint or draw a special portrait for you.


A simple 11" x 14" portrait of the head  and shoulder will run about $350 plus tax.  A simple 11" x 14" ink drawing of the head will run about $150.   A Larger and more complicated paintings will have to negotiated.

Contact Me


1129 Weaver Avenue

Houston, Texas 77023


713-924-4115 land line

713-256-3468 mobile and text

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